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Baby Food – Dietetic Products
Instant products
Spices and pharmaceutical products
Fresh dough products
Malting products and malts
Cookie production
Cracker production
Biscuit and wafer production
(English) Muffin production
Muesli powerbar and supplementary products
Corn- and gluten-free products
Bun production
Flat breads
Toastie production
Pasta production
Mediterranean products
Panettone & Dresdener Stollen
Ruchmehl products
Pizza production
Croissant production
Products with increased crumb moisture and reduced retrogradation (hydrobooster)
Batter production
Soups, sauces and dressings
Extruder products
Pudding production

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    Baby food – dietetic productsBakery productsInstant productsSpices and pharmaceutical productsFresh dough productsMalting products and maltsCookie productionCracker productionBiscuit and wafer productionGlutenfree maize productsMuesli powerbar and supplementary productsBun & toastie productionFlat breadsMediterranean productsPizza productionProducts with increased crumb moisture and reduced retrogradation (hydrobooster)Batter productionSoups, sauces and dressingsExtruder productsPudding productionPasta production