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Pilot project with the focus to conserve biodiversity

By focusing on biodiversity, i.e. the diversity of species and ecosystems, we are once again setting an example for environmental protection. In close partnership with the farmers, blooming areas are planted next to the individual cereal fields. These blooming areas arise in addition to legal requirements (greening conditions). So that they are maximum effective for animals and plants, the blooming areas are several meters wide and, moreover, remain until the beginning of September – instead of being removed again with the harvest.

“As a family business that has been active for generations, sustainable thinking is, so to speak, rooted in our DNA, which is why we are convinced that such a measure is absolutely necessary,” says Managing Director Michael Gutting. “In addition to environmental protection and food safety, a balanced biodiversity is essential for a permanently efficient grain cultivation”.

However, the pilot project that has now been launched is only the beginning: as early as next year, around 200 hectares of additional blooming areas are to be created and maintained across all locations of the milling group.

10 May 2019 . This is what our blooming area in the district of Althirschstein, plot 163, currently looks like. The seeds have risen and depending on the weather, the first plants will flower here at the end of May/beginning of June and provide food for insects. We would like to thank our partner, the agricultural company Lommatzscher Pflege eG from 01623 Lommatzsch, for creating and managing a 1.5 hectare blooming area.